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Alex came to visit us in Ukraine during his college break. We've had a great time with him, and he has enjoyed seeing old Ukrainian and missionary friends and singing in the Ukrainian youth choir. It's a great time of catching up, talking about theology and acting, watching favorite movies, etc. Our "Holiday Season" has been short, since we just got back from Darlene's mom's funeral in mid-December, and we've had travel after that. And we've had so many parties that we've had little time at home! Clay spoke at a party for orphans, prayed at the party for the Christian Counselors (and showed them how to do Bowling!), preached in Izmail (on the Romanian border), and we've attended an office party for our Team and spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with a large group of ex-pats. We need to stay Home some, to play with our "toys"! Besides all this, we just had a Choir come from Philadelphia, and Larry Roff will be giving organ concerts this week! So it is a full season. Thanks for your prayers -- there are challenges, but we are encouraged.
Ty and Ira are applying for a Green Card, hoping to move to the States, where Ty would like to study nursing. He is already reading books on anatomy--and enjoying them! Please pray for their process, which sometimes can drag out a long time.

Nate & Malaika came to see us in August with our granddaughter Kendra! Ty & Clay went to Prague to get Ty a new visa, and spent the week taking pictures (check out the site at and visiting old missionary friends. The camping trip to Crimea was great, too, but tough climbing! We hiked about 15 miles with backpacks--mostly on a 30 degree slant!

(updated: July 20, 2008)

- Nate & Malaika & granddaugter Kendra are planning a visit to Odessa in 3 weeks! We can't wait!


- Some of our Odessa Team are going on a Camping Trip to Crimea! Clay is going along, too, so we're dusting off the camping equipment!


- We enjoyed a wonderful visit from former teammates Dal & Beth Stanton, who were our houseguests last week, along with children Johanna & Josiah. Fun! We may even get to go see them sometime in their home in Sofia, Bulgaria.

(updated: June 27, 2008)

- Darlene visited ALL our family in the States during May 22-June 8, in a whirlwind trip with our daughter-in-law Irina. Irina finally got a tourist visa and enjoyed the trip to Seattle, Virginia, and Mississippi! Clay stayed at seminary and then stayed home with the dog. Frown 


- Matt & Erin are settled in Seattle, where he's а "Creative" for Apple Computers, and she's a librarian at the Univ. of Washington. They're loving it. They recently produced some new songs, which you can download for free on their site:!

- Nate & Malaika live in Jackson, MS -- with our granddaughter Kendra, who is now 1 year old! Nate sells specialized computer solutions to big companies, and Malaika has a business teaching children to act and dance. Nate and Malaika are leading a mission trip to Ukraine in August!

- Ty & Irina live in Odessa, where they both teach English. Ty & Clay are going on a Photo vacation to Prague for a week in August! They both love photography. Cool

- Alex is a sophomore at Belhaven College, studying drama. He had a great time performing mime on a mission trip to Belize in May! He's working at Target and for Malaika's Drama Camp this summer in Jackson, MS.

Our PICTURES are on our PHOTOGRAPHY site, where you can find Albums of family and ministry, and you don't even have to log in! Click here and Enjoy!-->


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