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Clay's book on Spiritual Gifts is finally available! Here’s a summary:

Retooling the Church: A Spiritual Gifts Toolkit

It’s time to Retool the Church by a fresh analysis of the Spiritual Gifts, a subject frequently twisted by popular ideas and poor theology. This new look shows that the gifts are not a mere manipulative technique, but a prime source for our growth in holiness, unity, and numbers. Practical stories from a missionary career illustrate the place of gifts in the church’s life. Pastors and laymen, Presbyterians and Charismatics will appreciate this book, which includes tables of the original texts and a flexible test to put this toolkit to use.

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Clay’s book on Spiritual Gifts was just released in Russian by TULIP Publishers of Odessa. Its English title is “Re-forming our Spiritual Gifts” and the Russian title is “Tools of the Spirit: A New Look at Spiritual Gifts.” Clay has been using this material in ERSU seminary classes for several years, and decided to put it in book form to make it more widely useful in the Church. It is based on a fresh examination of the biblical texts from a Reformed standpoint, rather than simply reworking other commonly-available models. Many of the current models begin from a Charismatic bias. This book is designed, however, so that any Christian can use the model according to their understanding of Scripture, their theology and church tradition. Here is the ad on their site: 

 Орудия Духа. Клей Квартерман

Новинка! Скоро в продаже!
В книге «Орудия духа» автор достаточно подробно объясняет, в чем состоит каждый духовный дар, и проводит различие между должностями, дарами и способностями. Эта книга предназначена разным читателям разных конфессий.
Реформатские читатели будут особенно рады узнать, что в книге отражен Кальвинов подход функциональной эквивалентности к духовным дарам.
Остальные читатели найдут для себя полезным сравнение данного похода с другими трактовками.
«Проведенный заново анализ библейских текстов, свидетельствует о том, что дары Божьи являются главным источником нашего возрастания в святости и единстве. Если мы пренебрегаем ими, мы пренебрегаем тем самым средствами, которые даровал Бог для нашего возрастания» - Клэй Квартерман.

   Russian only (English version revised with different title):

Tools of the Spirit: A New Look at Spiritual Gifts (Odessa: Tulip Publishers, 2011) by Clay Quarterman

"Before writing a full book, I took a stab at making some coffee table books of family and pets. These are not only available for purchase, but a few pages can be browsed. Enjoy a glimpse into our lives in Ukraine from a dog's eye view! Or take a look into the past through my Dad's lens (or even his Mom and Dad's brownie camera in the days before the First World War!).

"The pictures range from Virginia to France to Louisiana and Georgia -- as well as my childhood  home in Mississippi and our homes in Portugal and Ukraine.

"Some people tell me I should retire and travel. HA! We've traveled all our lives!


- ClayQ