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Evangelical Reformed Seminary of Ukraine 


The Evangelical Reformed Seminary of Ukraine is a Russian- and Ukrainian-language school of higher education that prepares Christian leaders while they are in active ministry in churches in Eastern Europe and across Ukraine.



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ERSU is dedicated to:

  • the inerrancy of Scripture
  • practical training in "hands-on" ministry
  • evangelism and a Grace-based ministry
  • faithfulness to the Reformed standards

Our goal is to train pastors for the spread of the Gospel in Ukraine and beyond, providing an ongoing Ukrainian institution of graduate education.

How our school works:

  • Students travel to Kiev for 9 intensive weeks of study per year.

  • They are given research assignments and meet with regional tutors every month.

  • Their school work load is 20 hours per week, plus church service.
  • They integrate their knowledge in church service, building character and skills.
  • They serve in churches to integrate their knowledge, so they often need financial help.

We invite your participation:

    • PRAYER! (Visit our Prayer Page!)
    • Travel funds for professors from Europe and America
    • Travel funds for students
    • Student Stipends:

      These students actively serve churches while they study.
      (Students need sponsors; write us for student profiles.)
      Some of the students have quit their jobs to prepare for ministry. (Acts 6:4)

 Or Mail donations for ERSU Seminary Fund, Project #95995.

  •     Send to:

    P.O. Box 744165
    Atlanta, GA 30374-4165 

  • Promotional materials available:

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VIDEO: "A Reformation in the Making" (10 min.) 
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