Prayer Requests for Ukraine, January 2020


     Pray for ERSU Seminary:

For our seminary Graduates who are training as Professors. For example:

  • Ivan Bespalov: finishing graduate studies at Westminster while continuing to pastor the Presbyterian church in Kiev.
  • Alexander Buichkov: doing graduate studies at Covenant St. Louis while continuing the Presbyterian church plant in central Ukraine.

For the Vision and Resources of the seminary, desiring to start an extension Bible College, preparing future students for seminary and other church service.

For the Board of the Seminary: they need wisdom as they seek support and greater Self-support.

For Sale of the old office, which can provide several years’ support.


     Pray For The Quartermans:

For wisdom to Slow Down some in Retirement, not overcommitting themselves.

Thanksgiving for the Lord’s care and support and safety through many years of service.

Praise for the Lord’s blessing on the churches started in Portugal and Ukraine.

For their children and grandchildren:

      Matt and Erin, Seattle, WA
      Nate and Malaika, Jackson, MS, and 3 grandchildren 
      Ty and Irene, Newport News, VA
      Lex, Los Angeles, CA

For continued blessing on the churches and ministries they served.
“I have no greater joy than to know my children walk in the truth.” –

      Telheiras Presbyterian Church, Lisbon
      Portuguese Bible Institute, Tojal, Portugal
      Odessa Reformed Presbyterian Church, Ukraine
      Belgorod-Dnestrovsky Presbyterian Church and Christian Clinic
      Evangelical Reformed Seminary of Ukraine (ERSU)
      TULIP Christian Publishers
      Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Ukraine (EPCU)

For their ministry to Neighbors. They’re on the Board of their HOA, dealing with many issues. 

For Clay’s teaching at Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS-Jackson) this fall.

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